Quand compétence et réactivité riment avec polyvalence et créativité !

The firm created in 1999 after various stints at major international Anglo-Saxon and French firms in Paris was deliberately and naturally geared toward an international practice in light of the professional background and expertise of its members.

Thanks to a long and extended experience in and direct on-hand practice of various legal systems in three different continents ranging from common law, Napoleonic Code and Middle Eastern influences and thanks to its mastery of five main international languages, the firm is well placed to assist its clients with efficiency and speed.

The firm handles the overall strategy of the case assigned to it and supervises every process of the strategic objectives jointly devised with the client, and hence avoids the inconvenience of subcontracting or outsourcing portions of the assignment which typically leads to a loss of control and quality in the implementation of the work as well as lack of accountability.

With a new global environment squeezed by cost constraints and inspired by a free internet access to an evergrowing information, it is time for us, like Cortez, to burn the ships – to force ourselves to think out of the box, to turn our traditional models upside down and, however uncomfortable it might be, to imagine new and creative ways to deliver legal services more efficiently and build a more sustainable model for the law firm practice.

We are bound to rethink the value proposition made to prospective clients in order to bring the pricing of legal services in line with expectations, competition, outcome efficiency and importance of the objectives achieved for the client’s business.

The legal management thinking, technology support, and work process have to be more flexible and reactive than ever before.

Smaller firms are better positioned to become efficient and lean, which in turn will allow them to punch above their weight and do work that bigger firms can do.
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